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We are committed to the highest standards of practice, use the latest technology in diagnostic equipment, and provide high quality service and eye wear.

The Glenorchy Eyecare experience

Complete eye health check

We use the latest technology in diagnostic equipment so that any sight threatening disorders can be detected early and managed appropriately.

Vision test & assessment

A lifetime of healthy eyes and clear vision is our priority for all ages. From the very young to the very old, we provide eyecare for life.

Consultation & advice

Our commitment is to establish long term relationships with our clients and deliver high quality service and eye wear products.

Quality range of products

Seeing well is important, but so is looking good and feeling comfortable. All our eye wear is matched to each individual and guaranteed.

Serving Hobart’s Northern Suburbs for 50 years.

Retinal photography and OCT retinal scanning

The retina is a layer of nerve tissue lining the eye that processes the image of what we see in front of us. Sight is affected when the retina is damaged or diseased so it is important for the Optometrist to examine it carefully. Retinal photography captures a digital image showing the macula, optic nerve and blood supply which can be studied, stored and referred to at a later date.

OCT retinal scanning is a newer imaging technique, providing a 3D scan of the back of the eye. Subtle changes can be detected and monitored over time, making early detection and appropriate management of eye disease more achievable.

Glaucoma and eye health management

Glaucoma, along with cataract, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy can cause a loss of vision which goes undetected without a comprehensive eye health and vision examination. Having a regular eye check means any diseases are likely to be picked up early and this can make a big difference to maintaining lifelong good vision.

Glenorchy Eyecare has diagnostic equipment specifically designed for this purpose which in combination with a highly trained and experienced Optometrist, ensures the best outcomes for all clients with conditions such as glaucoma.

Australian fitness to drive assessment

Driving is something we take for granted and safety on the road is vitally important. We need to be confident that our vision and the vision of other drivers on the road is up for the task. The Australian Government has set minimum standards for commercial and private drivers that have to be met when a licence is first issued, but it is often up to the individual to ensure that they maintain this level of vision throughout their driving life. Glasses or contact lenses are frequently required to achieve the vision standard and unfortunately for some, eye disease erodes their vision to below minimum standard. Regular eye checks are an important part of ensuring you’re fit to drive.

Specialist and hospital referrals

Glenorchy Eyecare provides the best in primary eye care and has done so for fifty years in Hobart’s northern suburbs. Our service includes eye health and vision examinations, diagnosis, treatment and management of many eye conditions and the provision of quality eye wear, contact lenses and accessories.

At times, however, referral to an ophthalmologist is required for more complex medical or surgical management of eye diseases. Glenorchy Eyecare has an excellent relationship with local specialists and the Royal Hobart Hospital Eye Clinic, ensuring the best possible secondary or tertiary eye care is accessible to our clients.